Gold Reward Level

The Gold Reward Level is automatic for everyone that signs up. This is where the level goes from 0 to 29,999 Points. Some of the benefits with this level include a 10% free play deposit bonus on a reload of $300 or more going up to a max of $500, deposit fees reimbursed and 1 Free Debit Card payout each month.

Platinum Reward Level

This is the level where the points are from 30,000 to 299,999 Points. Once 30,000 Points are accumulated in a 12 month period your status is upgraded to Platinum. The Platinum members get a 10% free play bonus up to $750, deposit fees reimbursed, 1 Free Debit payout per month and Points earn 10% more than Gold Level.

Diamond Reward Level

This is where the Points are 300,000 or more. The same benefits as the other levels are included with the Diamond Level but instead of 10% for the free play deposit bonus it goes up to 15% up to a max of $3,000. There is also access to a dedicated VIP customer service rep, 2 Free Debit card payouts each month and the Points are 10% higher than the Platinum Level.

Play and Earn Points

Every time you make a wager you earn Points at SportBook sportsbook. If you love to wager on football then you get a point for every straight bet, 2 points for parlays and 1.5 points for teasers. If you like to play casino games you can get 3 points playing slots or roulette and 1 point for blackjack and points for other games. And don't forget that you can get daily cash rebates if you bet the horses.

Get Started

It is easy to get started with the Points Rewards Program as you make a deposit of $300 or more. Everyone then starts at the Gold Level. There is no cost to register.

Check out the Points Loyalty Program, sign up and start getting your rewards today!

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